Entry #1


2017-02-28 11:05:33 by DJ-Dawphin

I LOVE to make music. I will be publishing my songs onto Newgrounds for yall to enjoy! I am currently making my music off of audiotool.com. If you want to see my music on there, just go to audiotool and look up DJ-Dawphin! I will probably be publishing one song every 1-2 weeks. Peace!


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2017-02-28 13:26:59

Back again, huh? :3

DJ-Dawphin responds:



2017-02-28 13:38:47

What about asking Byron to make a comeback (again)?

DJ-Dawphin responds:

well... he is my brother. I will try.


2017-04-11 17:47:00

You might want to consider a full DAW instead of a suite in a browser. It's much less limited.
If you need some suggestions, here are some great DAWs you can try (get the demo if you're not sure): FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reaper, Cubase, Reason, Tracktion, and many more!

DJ-Dawphin responds:

I am deciding between 3. FL studio, bitwig, and ableton live. sadly, i can't get fl studio since i don't have the right computwer.